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"We trust Wengfu": Wengfu Australia’s dealers visit Wengfu Group

Date:02-09-2016 Input:admin Source: Click:241

          CEO Peter of Wengfu Australia (WFA) leaded a group of dealers to visit Wengfu Group from August 26th to 30th .The tour includes Wengfu Dazhou (WFDZ) and Machangping industrial zone. They all thumbed up for Wengfu’s modern production technology, the refinement of management and high-quality services during the visit.


    CEO Zhang Hongying of WFDZ warmly received Australian guests on August 26th. After the visit, Australian guests are fully confident with WFDZ’s products. In the same time, they provide their requirements of granulation, color and packaging temperature. Zhang Hongying responded that since the best production equipment and the best production technology are in WFDZ, WFDZ would 100% guarantee product quality and granulation.

    On August 29th, our guest visited Machangping industrial zone. Accompanied by chemical company deputy manager Xu Chun, they visited the showroom, DAP plant, warehouses, and logistics room.



      CEO Yang Sanke of Wengfu Group (WFG) received our guests at the same day. He expressed groups’ thanks to our guests’ outstanding contributions to Wengfu’s overseas market development, and hoped that both sides will continue to enhance cooperation and leverage oversea market. Yang Sanke promised, Wengfu will be the best products and services provider as a return to the trust of our Australia dealers. Wengfu will expand the market jointly with our dealers, and constantly consolidate mutually beneficial partnership.


       On August 30th deputy general manager of WFG Liu Zhongjin, chairman of Wengfu Intertrade(WFI)Chen Shiqing had a symposia with our guests. Liu  Zhongjin briefly introduced Wengfu’s major production, industrial development, as well as the global cooperation and other achievements. Our guests introduced their business, and looked forward to ongoing mutually beneficial cooperation with Wengfu in the future.

       Wengfu traded in Australia since 1995 and established WFA in 2010. Through 6 years constant efforts, WFA become an excellent model of Wengfu’s “going out" strategy.


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