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Wengfu Group rank 11 of 2016 China Top 500 Chemical Enterprises

Date:01-07-2016 Input:translated by Wang Yi Source: Click:390

 June 29, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Chemical Industry Enterprise Management Association, China Chemical Industry intelligence information Association jointly host the 2016 China top 500 chemical enterprises conference and innovation and change in Chongqing - a large chemical enterprise summit, Wengfu Group rank 11th of 2016 China Top 500 Chemical Enterprises


 "Wengfu phosphorus harvests hundreds of millions of home." and "specializing in green, good chemical fertilizer, contributing to serving Chinese modernization" are Wengfu Group’s strategic vision. Wengfu Group is constantly integrating high-quality resources inside and outside the industry, consolidating fertilizer advantage, steadily expanding new fertilizer business, to become the world's leading comprehensive agricultural service providers.

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