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Wengfu feed grade MCP successfully produced

Date:11-08-2016 Input:Reported by Wu Guang bing,translated by Wang Yi Source: Click:312


Wengfu chemical company (one of WFG’s subsidiaries) declares new R&D success for feed grade monocalcium phosphate (MCP).all trial 59.9 tons products have reached high grade plus level in this March.


It is understood that China's feed grade calcium phosphate products have been produced since the late 1980s.A number of manufacturing enterprises emerge in the 21st century. However, due to different production processes, quality varied. There are 4 different methods to produce feed grade MCP: thermal process, calcium superphosphate extraction, glue byproduct, wet process.


Wengfu chooses to use wet process to produce purified phosphate acid, which is the necessary raw material to produce feed grade MCP. The process of Wengfu benefits for superior quality, fast conversion, low cost and other advantages.


Feed grade MCP features of high water solubility and high absorption rate. It is a supplement for livestock and poultry, aquatic animal nutrition calcium phosphorus feed additives to improve animal palatability and greatly increase the absorption and utilization, promoting weight and the survival rate, improving animal tolerance to cold. Feed grade MCP is one of necessary raw materials for the poultry and aquaculture feed formulation.


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