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Wengfu group held brain-storm seminar of the supply-side reforms in Guiyang

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August 3rd to 4th, WFG held brain-storm seminar of the supply-side reforms in Guiyang. Group executive management, assistant to executives, all functional departments and consulting company Rue Xin attended the meeting.

  During the meeting, He Guangliang said: the success of this reform is the key for Wengfu’s survival and development. Through years of development, Wengfu completed its historic mission to ensure food security .Now China faces the situation of excess supply of phosphate fertilizer and is the world’s largest exporter of compound fertilizer .All phosphate companies struggle with the problem that there is no positive gross margin for commodity phosphate fertilizers in China. This is also a direct threat to the survival of Wengfu. Guangliang required supply-side reform should be more clearly to have significant results within a year. He Guangliang stressed that collective wisdom should play well in the reform process, and Wengfu will be more powerful once bottom out.

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