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development plan
 Reconstruction and Expansion Plans in Next Three Years

1.       Second-phase Project of Wengfu Phosphate Ore

     A new mine with a production capacity of 4,500,000 tons/year is to be constructed and is planned to be completed in 2014.  The service life of the current mining operation is over 30 years, which cannot satisfies the demand of the Group for phosphorite production.

2.       Phosphoric Acid Purification Project in Fujian

     Our Company, taking advantage of our technology and phosphorus resource, the sulfur resource and capital of Zijin Group and the preferential policies on land, water and electricity by the local government, has built a phosphor-chemical industrial chain in Fujian with industrial grade and food grade phosphoric acid as its major product and granularfertilizer, powdered MAP, cement retarder and gypsum boards as its products comprehensively utilizing the resources. The Project is located in Jiaoyang Industrial Park of Shanghang County; 300,000 ton phosphoric acid and supporting phosphate compound fertilizer projects and a production capacity of 160,000 ton food-grade phosphoric acid products are planned to be achieved. The Project has an investment of RMB 1,500,000,000 Yuan; and was commissioned atthe end of April 2012.

3.       ZhijinPhosphorite-coal Chemical Project

     GuizhouJinlin Chemical Co., Ltd. is the joint stock company of Zhonghai Chemical Co., Ltd. and our Company, and the holding company of SASAC of Guizhou Province. Zhijin 5,000,000 tons/year phosphorite mining project and phosphorite-coal chemical project are planned to be completed in 2014.

4.       Fluorine & Silicon Chemical Project

     Our Company plans to build a set of 20,000 tons/year AHF device in Yunnan and Hubei respectively, a set of 10,000 tons/year AHF device in Sichuan and a set of 5,000 tons/year AHF device in Fujian and Gansu respectively, thus realizing the production capacity of 250,000 tons/year fluorine & silicon chemicals.

5.       Integrated Project of Bittern Chemical and Iodine

    Our Company has realized an iodine production capacity of 100 tons/year by recovering iodine resource in phosphorus ores. Meanwhile, we plan to realize a production capacity of 800 tons/year iodine & bromine chemicals in Sichuan Dazhou and 50 tons/year iodine in Fujian, finally achieving the production capacity of 1,000 tons/year iodine & bromine chemicals.

6.       Comprehensive Utilization Project of Waste Residue Resources

    Our Company produces building gypsum powder by utilizing phosphogypsum, the byproduct of phosphoric acid. We have a plan of 3,000,000-5,000,000 tons/year, and 1,000,000 tons/year will be completed in the first phase.

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