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Corporate Profile

  Wengfu Intertrade Limited is a subsidiary company of Wengfu (Group) Co. Ltd., a large-scale state-owned enterprise of phosphorus chemical industry in China. After ten years of rapid development, Wengfu Intertrade Limited has become an internationally recognized import and export company. Its subsidiary companies include Gulf Resources Guangxi Limited and Wengfu Australia Pty Ltd.  

  Wengfu is dedicated to transforming the high-quality resources into environmentally freindly fertilizers and chemicals. For example, there are more than twenty kinds of products made from Wengfu’s phosphate rock with the lowest heavy metal content in the world; sulphur and trace element-enriched high analysis phosphate fertilizers contain high water-soluble phosphorus which can increase the yield of crops. Wengfu is the first manufacturer that can extract fluorine from the phosphoric acid reaction system to produce Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride, from which it has achieved huge economic benefits. Wengfu also owns the largest plant of industrial and food grade purified phosphoric acid which is sold worldwide. In addition, Wengfu was successfully awarded the project construction of the Ma’aden mining and beneficiation project with capacity of 12.5 million tons per year, which is the first step towards the internationalization of the corporation. Moreover, Wengfu can supply a variety of tailored compound fertilizers developed from soil testing analysis to further improve the production efficiency of crops.

   Wengfu Intertrade Limited is a strong channel for Wengfu’s products entering into the international markets, which has formed an efficient, fast and safe logistics system. Its products are sold all over the world, with a focus on Asia, South Pacific and South America.  Wengfu has established good relations with customers having favorable developing prospects through global sales and distribution.  

  Wengfu Intertrade Limited has a well-qualified and talented team with ability and experience, which is the key to the enterprise’s continuous remarkable achievements. We fully realize what obligations and responsibilities we should take as an important manufacturer and supplier of phosphate fertilizers and chemicals, and how important it is to establish favorable relations with our valuable customers. In the future, we will continue to supply our customers with high-quality products and services. In the meantime, we also would like to have Win-Win cooperation with more customers in sincerity through diverse trade patterns.


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