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Talent strategy

Wengfu Group Medium-and-Long-Term Talent Development Project

The strategic objective is to expand the groups talent pool, structure this talent to the groups, and implement "Scientific Outlook on Development". Prior to the end of the 12th Five Year Plan,Wengfu is to build a team of talents which has the comprehensive personal qualities, creative spirit, adaptability for corporate development,and a well-organized structure and succession plan.

To achieve the Company’s objectives, the following talent areas will be developed;

Operating Management

According to the requirements of industrial structure optimization and development of the Company, the core objective is modern enterprise operation, management and competitiveness. The company will use its excellent entrepreneurs and professional managers to strengthen and advance the talents of its people to create teams with a professional, specialized and global approach.


With the direction of advancing our people’s professional level and creative ability, and the focus on introduction and cultivation of high level skills and skills inshortage, the Company is to build a well-structured talents development team of high quality.

Technology Research and Development

Self-reliant innovation in the field of science and technology is a corner stone of the Company’s strategy. The focus will be on introduction and cultivation of high level research and development talent. The Company’s young-and-middle-aged technical people will form the backbone of this development, and build a technical talent team of knowledge, innovation, and specialization. 

Global Operation and Management

The Company is to build a professional team skilled in international commercial practiceand project management with international experience and ability of communicating in the global market.

Industrial Skills

With the direction of advancing professional qualifications and specialized skills, and the focus ontrainingskilled workers and technicians, the Company is to build a talent team of highly skilled operators with a well-organized structure and succession plan.

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